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Pasargad Tejarat Bastan group, affiliated with MKK Group international holding with code 1552, is officially registered to the European Union. this group has started its activity in line with international trade, since 2007.

  • Contractingyear registered contract for guaranteed purchase of the entire product5-
  • ExpertisingFree expertising, consulting and supervising of cultivation
  • LendingProviding suitable banking facilities for cultivation with completely free consultation
  • ManagingWith association of agricultural Jihad managers of counties


  • Exporting to EU and USA
  • Investing 3150 billion Rials
  • (1750bilion Rials facility with 2% commission and 1400 billion Rials investment to create a production and processing line)
  • Export chain formation and branding
  • Investing 13200 billion Rials (planting to harvest)
  • Duration of the program is 5 years
  • Implementing a 7000 hectares’ program, in 3 phases in the country
  • Having a memorandum of association with the MKK Group German international company and is willing to conclude a memorandum of cooperation with international companies operating in the field of medicinal plants
  • Holding training courses and creating culture of planting aloe vera in cooperation with ministry of Agriculture Jihad.
  • Implementation of the product chain to target markets


  1. Cultivation planning (2000 hectares in the first phase)
  2. Planning the preparation and supply of saplings
  3. Identifying aloe vera saplings suppliers inside and outside the province
  4. Examination and expertise for analyzing water, soil and ecological needs of aloe vera
  5. Expert’s review in terms of costs, production and…. of greenhouse’s open space
  6. following up the insurance of aloe vera farms, which are contracted with our company.
  7. Holding joint meetings with the CEO of the province’s banks such as City Bank, Saderat Bank, Agricultural Bank to provide a part of the facilities required by producers
  8. Accurate estimation of costs and production revenues
  9. Holding a joint meeting with the members of province’s medicinal plants headquarters in the form of meetings of the province’s medicinal plants headquarters
  10. Holding a joint meeting with executor of the medicinal plants national project from Agriculture Jihad at Agriculture Jihad ministry
  11. Holding special training classes for aloe vera medicinal plant in potential cities of the province, with presence of experts, farmers and managers of the province’s agricultural Jihad ministry
  12.  Construction Aloe Vera pilot farm all across the country, using 5 hectare wide sunshades
  13.  Concluding a guaranteed contract for purchasing aloe vera for 5 years and cultivating at the level of 5 hectares
  14.  Codification of contracts for supplying aloe vera saplings, monitoring the farms, guaranteeing the purchase of leaves and marketing
  15.  Negotiating with foreign companies, including For ever, for exporting leaves and gel powder
  16.  Designing special sunshade structures for planting aloe vera
  17.  Designing a special site for aloe vera medicinal plants with Persian Aloe Vera brand
  18. Providing a special pavilion for aloe vera for participating in 14th International Exhibition of Flowers and Plants, Medicinal Plants and Greenhouse Equipment in the permanent location of Fars International Exhibitions
  19. Preparing and compiling brochures and special catalogs for aloe vera