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Persian Aloe Vera Group

Pasargad Tejarat Bastan group, affiliated with MKK Group international holding with code 1552, is officially registered to the European Union. this group started its activity in line with international trade, since 2007, carrying out its scientific and research activities in the field of production and processing of Aloe vera.

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What is Aloe-vera and what are its benefits?


Aloe vera also known medically as Aloe vera, while its common names are desert crystal, burnt plant and elephant saliva, belonging to the Aloe vera family of complementary plants. The plant is believed to have been used more than 6000 years in Sudan.

The graet benefits and traitsof this plant are known by many civilizations, like Egyptions, Spaniards, Iranians, Greeks, Italians, Africans, Japanese and American Indians. This plant grows in arid climates and is expanding rapidly in India, Africa and other cultivable areas.

Aloe vera is a fresh plant with numerous amazing usages, and its benefits are usually achieved by breaking the stem to extract gel substance, then applying it topically to the skin and hair. The gel can also be combined with other natural ingredients to be a part of your health or beauty routine. Aloe vera powder is added to variety of  lotions, creams, baby oils, dietary supplements and animal care products. It has 18 amino acids that interact with other components of the human body to bring many health benefits.

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